Europe vs. Caribbean Prices

Europe is a stunning backdrop for chartering a yacht. Whether you’re interested in Greek mythology and cruising the Aegean Sea or a sail along the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia… a charter in Europe is incredible. But keep in mind, the price of a charter in Europe is considerably more than a comparable charter in the Caribbean!

Assos Village Kefalonia Greece-part of the Ionian Sea

In Europe, we have higher fuel prices- along with higher prices on electric, water, taxes, licensing, and labor charges. As I’ve discussed in my blog post Costs and Currency, the pricing is different than the Caribbean- but, it’s also a higher priced charter.

While the costs are higher, follow these tips are still ways to take the European charter trip of your dreams:

  • Charter yachts in Europe are priced by the yacht (not a per person rate)- so, maximize your charter by including more guests to even out the costs. Many catamarans happily accommodate up to 10 guests and in some cases, they accommodate 12 guests. If you’re a group of friends (or 2 families) it helps in spreading out the expense.
  • The APA, or Advanced Provisioning Allowance, which covers: fuel, water, food, licenses, alcohol, and any specific items you would like provided to you during your charter does NOT have a markup. APA money that is not used for provisioning would be reimbursed to you at the end of your charter- or, if you spend over the amount, you would be charged for the additional expenses. So, be conscientious of your spending- top shelf liquors and premium wines are more likely to run you over your APA budget. Try local varieties…this also gives you a more authentic experience!
  • The time of year makes a big difference! July and August are premium months with the highest yacht prices; while June and September have exceptional weather and are significantly less expensive. If you’re interested in the low season- look to April, May, and October- it may be a bit too chilly to swim, but the cultural sites are still spectacular. Just remember, before booking, it’s good to check opening hours for places of interest.
  • Consider your itinerary requests- some destinations, such as Santorini, are expensive! But other islands that give you more of a Greek experience without the crowds and high prices are incredible- the same is true in other countries. As your captain knows the region very well, allow for suggestions based on your preferences, budget, and weather… you’ll enjoy your charter so much more!
  • In booking, consider the fact that the yacht is your hotel, restaurant, bar, and transportation. Rather than the charter cost being the afterthought, following behind airline tickets and additional hotels, start with the charter first and work out from there. Remembering that prices are in Euros and will be converted to USD at the time of payment.
The city of Dubrovnik is a common starting point for Croatian charters

Chartering in Europe is more expensive…but a wonderful experience not to be missed!

The Aegean Sea- Greece

The Adriatic Sea- Croatia

The Mediterranean Italian Coast