British Virgin Islands

General Itinerary: (Please note: this is a general itinerary of what you can expect. Your actual itinerary will be dictated by weather conditions at the time of charter along with your group’s preferences) Please use the following itinerary as a guide for ideas to discuss with your crew.

British Virgin Island Itinerary

Tortola Start:

If you are arriving into St. Thomas, we recommend taking the ferry or taking a private water taxi to Tortola and either going directly to your charter OR stay the night in Tortola so that you can maximize your time on charter. Charter starts at 12pm. Enjoy a leisure sail while you get accustomed to your yacht for the week. Where Land Meets Sea Yacht Charters will help you determine the best transfer option based on your flight details and group dynamics.

Day 1: Nanny Cay – Norman Island



Norman Island is on the edge of the Frances Drake Channel, lying close to Tortola and Peter Island, and part of the British Virgin Islands.  Legend has it that treasure is buried here and was perhaps the island behind Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.
Bight is one of the most scenic harbours, offering over 100 moorings and is an ideal spot from where you can dive and snorkel, or set off on some fantastic hiking trails. Any stop here is not complete without a visit to Pirates Bight oceanfront, pavilion style beach club & restaurant.

Day 2: Norman Island – Cooper Island



Splash in the sea, soak up the flaming sunsets, and snorkel your way through shimmering coral gardens as you fall into island time on Cooper Island. This 480 acre island is home to a private resort and marina perched on Manchioneel Bay. It’s a naturally located stop for those sailing along the blue pearly waters of the BVI as they make their way to The Baths. There’s a beach for sprawling, a coast for kayaking, a rum bar for rocking up in the twinkling evenings, and everything you need to make it a magical mooring.

The eco resort that occupies Cooper Island is all barefoot bliss, but even beyond the retreat walls, the island is pure sailors bliss. Just opposite you can find Wreck Alley – a popular diving site in the BVI for those who love exploring sunken shores.

Day 3: Cooper Island – The Baths



The unrivaled star of Virgin Gorda – The Baths is a fairytale destination for any yacht charter crowd. As one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, you will love this landscape of pink granite slabs, hidden coves, cathedral-like caves, and shimmering saltwater pools all perched on the edge of the sea. The boulders have been adorned with ladders and ropes so you can climb and cross this natural obstacle course. Wallow in the warm rock water pools, soak up the sun on your favorite boulder, and be enchanted by the natural grottos. When you need a hint of refreshment, the nearby yacht club will tempt you in with long lavish lunches and afternoons being pampered at the spa.

Mid Day Option: Mountain Point on Virgin Gorda

Day 4: The Baths – Saba Rock



Beautifully positioned between the holy trinity of Prickly Pear, Necker Island, and the impressive Virgin Gorda, Saba Rock is a destination in its own right. The bright and gauzy Baths are just a few kilometers away meaning you can spend all day climbing the ropes and crossing the boulders and finish off with a tropical cocktail and killer sunset at Saba Rock.

This perfectly pint sized island has a bustling outdoor restaurant at its heart. Ever popular with the yachting crowd, there’s an electric yet laid back energy that invites barefoot chic lunches that last long into the afternoon. A tiny sweet beach entices with its formidable fantasy colours and hammocks swing lazily in the soft shore breeze. Close by there’s also a dreamy touch tank peppered with coral crusted anchors from a 19th century shipwreck and a breezy boutique for a spot of island shopping.

DAY 5: Saba Rock – Anegada


DURATION: 1h 45m

Anegada is a coral island and the northernmost island of the BVI group. It should not be missed thanks to its beautiful white sand beaches, quaint beach shacks, and the large horseshoe shaped reef that protects its immaculate shores. This unique island is the only inhabited island in the British Virgin Islands that is not volcanic – this low lying island, with a highest point of only 28 ft (8.5m), is made up of coral and limestone and is surrounded by one of the world’s largest reefs.
The island is also known for its large salt ponds which used to be home to thousands of flamingos which were caught for food and their feathers during the 19th & 20th centuries. They have recently been re-introduced to the island and the population is flourishing. Anegada also boasts several species of turtles and the endangered rock iguana.

Day 6:Anegada – Jost Van Dyke


DURATION: 3h 30m

Named after an early Dutch settler, Jost Van Dyke is a small picturesque island northwest of Tortola. At 4 miles long, the island is home to only a few hundred permanent residents and is known for its idyllic yacht anchorages.
It is the ideal spot for those who want to get away from it all. You will be spoiled by its lush green forests, powdery beaches, turquoise waters and not much else!

DAY 7: Jost Van Dyke – Peter Island


DURATION: 1h 30m

Peter Island lies 4 kilometers from the island of Tortola, and is a hotspot for Caribbean luxury charters. It is the largest private island in the BVI. As it is largely underdeveloped, featuring only one hotel, you can enjoy nature trails and walks to discover the wonderful fauna & flora, and enjoy the idyllic Deadman’s Bay beach.
You will also be able to spot various species of turtle around the island and dive or snorkel to discover the beauty offered by the surroundings.

DAY 8: Peter Island – Nanny Cay



Situated on Tortola between Road Town and West End, Nanny Cay Resort and Marina is a must-stop for charter guests exploring the BVI cruising grounds. With easy access to the Sir Francis Drake channel and the 60+ islands scattered across the blue, Nanny Cay is a piece of pure heaven. The resort and marina offer everything from hotel to groceries, chandlery, fuel dock, spa, salon, coffee bar, and full-service boatyard, not to mention multiple dazzling dining options, and dive shops for those who want to duck down beneath the blue. With its first-class amenities, sugar sand beaches, and quintessential BVI vibes, guests can kick back and relax or get active with a range of watersports and other hand-picked activities on land and sea.

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