The Aegean Sea: A Greek Review

Greece- images of Mt Olympus and The Parthenon…Gods and Goddess’ such as Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, and Athena. History- 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, culture, science, mathematics- we spent our childhoods learning of this fascinating region, why not sail there…

The picturesque towns among the 6,000 Greek Isles- of which, only 227 are inhabited- are beckoning to be explored…and the best way to see this region is by boat! Pleasant breezes and dry summers make Greece the perfect destination to charter during the months of April-October

With the Aegean Sea to the east and the Ionian to the west, your choices for charter seem almost endless.

The pricing in Europe is different from the Caribbean. They have it as cost (cost of the boat) + VAT (tax) + APA (operating and provisioning expenses). The cost is the weekly rate for the charter which would be paid through WLMS Charters. The VAT for Greece is 12% and the APA is 20%. The APA covers: fuel, water, food, licenses, alcohol, and any specific items you would like provided to you. Money that is not used for provisioning would be reimbursed to you- or, if you spend additional, they would charge you. This is the industry standard for the region.

Please take a look at our current fleet which continues to grow! As most prices in The Med are in Euros-the pricing provided here is an estimate. Contact us direct for specific quotes and availability- we will convert to Euros at time of booking.

Catamarans -Up To 12 Passengers/6 Cabins

Catamarans -Up To 8 Passengers/4 Cabins

Rory, Thanks for all you did to make our trip go smoothly. The transfers were easy and the trains were great. It was comforting to find our driver waiting at the airport in Naples. He gave us a good overview of the area on the drive to Sorrento. Levanto was a real gem, in fact maybe Dale’s favorite place on the Cinque Terre. Peggy enjoyed trying her Italian. We were glad to have a driver for the trip along the Amalfi Coast.. Thanks again for your help and a wonderful trip!
— Peggy L.-May 2017-Italian coast