Life on a Pacific Crossing….The Series

In April 2009, just two years after learning to sail, I headed off on a Pacific Ocean crossing from Mazatlán, Mexico to Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia. I had been asked to crew by a couple heading off around the world and they preferred there to be 4 sailors aboard on ocean crossings for safety. I said yes immediately- as long as I could stay aboard through the islands to explore. Then, over the next 10 months, I went about making the trip a reality. I gave my employer an option- either they give me 3 months off to travel or I quit- they gave me the time off. Just before departing Seattle, I moved out of my apartment and put all my possessions in a storage unit. After officially becoming homeless, I hopped a flight south to Mazatlán in late March. I had never sailed out of site of land- while I sailed almost every day, my sailing and racing at that time had all been in Puget Sound. I was in for quite an experience!

The following blog posts are a series titled ‘Life on a Pacific Crossing’ which are stories of my adventure. In no way do these events reflect a charter experience! This is life at sea on a 43’ monohull- somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean…