Our first month in our new home…

While this is technically a yacht charter blog, I am taking a moment to pause from all things yacht charters to provide everyone a update on our new home on St Thomas, USVI.

October 1st: Our aging but still vivacious 16 year old proudly goes through the airport along with a few pieces of luggage…and so our journey begins.

Next week the annual Charter Yacht shows in the BVI & USVI begin and I promise I will have plenty of updates on who hosted us for lunches, which boats I LOVED the most (I LOVE SO MANY OF THEM!) along with any other fun updates for the start of the season. For now, I hope you enjoy the update on our move which has had some predictable challenges as well as happy surprises. I hope to have this blog moved to another location but for now it’s a part of Where Land Meets Sea Charters!

Moving to St Thomas Update:

Jason, Pivo and I started our trek from Bellingham, WA on October 1st and made our way to St Thomas on October 7th. While it was a bit of journey transporting ourselves, a 16 year old dog and as much luggage as the airlines would permit (I LOVE DELTA AIRLINES! AMERICAN AIRLINES NOT SO MUCH)…we made it here with only a few hiccups and the real adventure began.

Hull Bay is located less than a mile away!

The house we bought had been partially remodeled but hadn’t been lived in since before Hurricane Irma (Sept 2017). A vacant house for 2 years in the tropics leads to all sorts of issues and we quickly realized that we were going to need to wage a war with overgrown bush, and of course bug life. I have long been a magnet for any kind of mosquito, no see-ums and any other random biting and flying insect. Our new house has not disappointed. Fortunately the best remedy for a chain of bites is the ocean! We are less than a mile away from Hull Bay which is quickly becoming my favorite walk and swimming oasis.

As for all the “fun”,” they say a picture is worth a thousand words so rather than bore you with a daily run through of everything we have encountered….I figured a little photo montage was best!