British Virgin Islands

There are a lot of wonderful attractions to the British Virgin Islands, which makes it one of the most popular destinations for the charter industry. With over 60 islands to explore, you can easily do a charter every year and still find new places. While all crews work with a basic itinerary, each charter is customized to the activity and interests of our clients. So, while we will send you a basic itinerary of what you can expect, your actual charter itinerary will be based on your preferences as well as the weather conditions for the time of your charter. 

We invite you to browse through our BVI featured yachts which include updated photos and pricing as of November, 2018. While these yachts typically prefer a BVI pick up, most of them will also happily start your charter with a pick-up from St. Thomas, USVI. We noted yachts who will pick up from either location on both BVI and USVI pages. Their pick up locations are based on availability. Additionally, we have noted who has an additional fee for a St Thomas pick up.

Prices listed below are based on 7 nights at full board and include licensed crew, standard bar, operating expenses, cruising taxes and various water toys. Many yachts offer 4-6 night charters, sleep aboard rates, captain-only rates and are flexible on their meal plans. We can provide pricing for this upon request. Our featured yachts are constantly growing and changing, so if there is a specific yacht you are interested in….let us know and we will confirm availability and pricing!

For the 2018/2019 charter season, we recommend the USVI/BVI’s for those looking to enjoy the water activities the region became famous for 30 years ago. Fishing, diving and snorkeling sites are all in great condition. Many of your favorite beach bars are back up and running and eagerly look forward to your return!

Just in case you need your "BVI Fix" right now....please visit: The Soggy Dollar Webcam to help keep you excited until your trip!


Featured Yachts

Yachts up to 10 passengers/5 cabins:

Yachts up to 8 passengers/4 cabins:

Yachts up to 6 passengers/3 cabins: