What We Do

Getting Started with Luxury Sailing Charters

“Mandy was extremely professional throughout the charter booking experience. Was able to match us up with a great crew/catamaran. One of our best family trips! ”
— Ralf B. July, 2017-Boat Chartered: Katlyn

As a boutique charter company, WLMS Charters will guide you through the chartering process from start to finish. Because each group’s wish lists and needs are different, we start by setting up a time to chat on the phone. The initial call usually takes between 10-20 minutes. While we can also correspond via email, we find that getting to know you and your groups dynamics on the phone helps us in pairing the best yacht for you quickly.

We then prepare a list of yachts based on availability, preferred budget and other specific guidelines. We itemize each boat with the exact price and detailed inclusions. Some of the boats on the itemized list are featured in our Where We Go locations, which we invite you to visit if you prefer to get started before our initial call. Our featured yachts for USVI/BVI’s, Windward Islands and Belize follow the All-Inclusive guidelines and they are crewed and managed by reputable charter companies who strive for excellence with every charter. As the list of charter yachts is constantly changing, there are many wonderful options that we recommend which might not be featured on our website. Our featured list is an example of what you can expect, but by no means does it encompass all the yachts we book.

Once you have selected your yacht, we continue to work for you. Whether you need assistance or advice on booking airfare, hotel stays or trip insurance, we are fully licensed and able to arrange all of your travel needs. As your trip draws near, we communicate on your behalf with the crew and assist with various trip logistics. Approximately 2-3 weeks prior to your charter, we will initiate crew introductions, send a final set of instructions, contact information and general reminders along with your WLMS Charters gift bag.

How to book a trip

When you have confirmed your yacht of choice….

  • We will send out the contract for you to review. There will be a section on the contract regarding trip insurance and we can discuss your trip insurance options and provide quotes to your group if you are interested.
  • We will send the guest preference form in a Word Doc format. This document is where any activity interests, food aversions and beverage preferences must be noted. This form is in a Word Doc format for ease of typing and highlighting your answers. The form will be due back no less than 30 days prior to your charter and needs to be completed as 1 form per charter. Don’t worry, we’ll start sending you friendly reminders about 6 weeks prior if we haven’t received the form.
  • In order for your charter to be considered booked and confirmed, your contract must be signed and deposit payment received. For your convenience, we use Docusign for signing contracts which means…. You don’t need a printer, scanner or fax line to sign the contract.
  • Forms of payment: U.S. and Canadian checks, domestic and international wire transfers are the preferred payment method. Major credit cards are also accepted upon request.