Costs and Currency in Europe

Chartering a yacht in Europe is an incredible way to experience the country you’re visiting. Here, as in the Caribbean, you’ll be greeted by a professional crew with excellent service. You’ll have your choice of beautiful yachts and you’ll be whisked away on an adventure you’ll never forget!

However, there are some differences in the experience- such as the costs and currency.


Charter yachts in Europe tend to be priced a la carte- not all…there are a few all-inclusive; but, for the most part, the pricing shown is for the yacht and other items (even obligatory items) are listed separately. On the WLMS Charters website, you’ll find the complete breakdown of costs under ‘Additional Information’ on the specific page for each of the European yachts. You will also see ‘refer to Med Term pricing’.

Med Term pricing is cost (cost of the boat) + VAT (country tax) + APA (operating and provisioning expenses). Most (but not all) motor-yachts and sailing vessels in the Med are Med Rate terms.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The cost is the weekly rate for the charter which is the main price listed on the page. The VAT and APA are percentages calculated on the cost of the yacht and are paid in addition to that base price.

The VAT percentage depends on the country: Greece is 12%, Croatia is 13%, and Italy is 22%.

The APA, or Advanced Provisioning Allowance, covers: fuel, water, food, licenses, alcohol, and any specific items you would like provided to you during your charter. It is typically 20-25% the cost of the yacht. APA money that is not used for provisioning would be reimbursed to you at the end of your charter- or, if you spend over the amount, you would be charged for the additional expenses. The Captain keeps track of expenses and will let you know if you’re reaching your APA limit. This is the industry standard for the region. 


Standard pricing to charter in Europe is in Euros and for the WLMS Charters website we have calculated the price of the yacht to USD at 1.25- remember, this is subject to fluctuation based on current conversion rates. Under ‘Additional Information’ for each yacht you will find the exact costs in euros. As we are a US company, we accept funds in USD and will convert from the euro cost at time of booking.

As there are a few yachts in Europe that are priced in USD, the yachts featured on our website will specifically state the type of currency.

A last thought on currency…bring some local cash with you!! While your charter will be paid prior to your departure, it’s recommended to have local currency (euros or other) when you arrive or go straight to an ATM at the airport. Unlike the US, not everywhere accepts credit cards.

So…let us help with booking you on a fabulous European adventure- and then get out exploring!

The Aegean Sea- Greece

The Adriatic Sea- Croatia

The Mediterranean Italian Coast