Packing for a Yacht Charter

What do we need to bring on our charter?

A common question and one we’re happy to help you with as you plan for your travels. Many of our clients have never been on a charter- and a little information goes a long way!

The location of your charter will ultimately determine the clothing to bring- are you heading to the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, the Arctic? Checking out the local weather helps and knowing what you plan to do while there are good starting points.

As with any trip… you will need and wear about half of what you bring!

Caribbean Charters:

Flip flops, multiple bathing suits, cover-ups, board shorts, tank tops and 1 or 2 casual evening wear items for dinner are likely all you will need for fun in the sun.

European Charters:

While you’ll need all of the above items, depending on your plans, you may need clothes and shoes for land excursions- these differ depending on your preferences. Consider hiking/walking on uneven, rocky terrain; time spent in different cities and towns, 5-star dining, etc. depending on your preferences.

In the warm weather locations, shoes are not worn on the yacht. If for medical reasons you must wear shoes, please purchase specific boating shoes with white soles that are not used on land- we can guide you to different companies with appropriate footwear. But, if possible, it’s quite nice to give your feet a break from constraints and go barefoot!

Additional items recommended: reef-safe sunscreen (and plenty of it), hats, a light rain jacket, a rash guard with built in SPF, and a light weight/long-sleeve garment in case you sunburn. And it never hurts to have a bit of aloe with you just in case.

Please do not bring spray-on sunscreens as these damage the boat, towels and linens.

Most yachts will supply toiletries, some sunscreen and hair dryers.

For cold weather charters such as Alaska Charters and Arctic Norway Sail to Ski:

Think warm! Consider your activities- kayaking, hiking in wet areas, skiing… we’re happy to answer specific questions for these specialized adventures.

If you have soft luggage available-please use this as space is limited on the yachts. While the large, hard-shelled wheeled bags are great for travel… there’s simply no place to store them on most yachts.

Lastly… here is our friendly passport reminder. PLEASE check your passport! Passports must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel.

A few weeks before your charter we’ll send you our Final Reminders. This has helpful information for your travels from contact information to packing suggestions to internet access… anything we think may help to know before your trip.

And of course, we’re here to help! If you have a question…let us know. We want to make sure you’re ready to go on your charter. Finally… go sail and enjoy a fabulous holiday!