2019 Mediterranean Yacht Show

The 2019 Mediterranean Yacht Show (MEDYS) held its 6th annual event in Nafplio, Greece from May 4-8. Nafplio is a beautiful coastal town with a walled ‘Old Town’ and newer surrounding areas all guarded over by the Palamidi Fortress on the hill above and from the Bourtzi Castle on an island off the coast. The first capital of the Greek State, this charming town will quickly steel your heart with its gorgeous coastline and quaint streets. Fabulous restaurants are tucked between local shops- and the lively Greek culture will lure you into evening meals outside along the picturesque walkways and in Plateia Syntagmatos- Constitution Square.

he red carpet is laid out along the port…catamarans are ready and crews are waiting for visitors. MEDYS 2019

With over 100 sailing and motor yachts in attendance for MEDYS, the port was filled to capacity and I had my work cut out for me to visit as many yachts as possible. Being a sailor, I started with sailing yachts. I spent the first two days popping from catamaran to catamaran (and some beautiful monohulls)… meeting the crews, sampling their cuisine and drinks, and getting a better understanding of each individual yacht.

On the 2nd day of MEDYS, I was invited for lunch aboard High Jinks, a 2014 58’ Fountaine Pajot Sanya catamaran. Chef Eugenia prepared an incredible lunch and the crew kept our wine glasses full and everyone happy. Laughing and enjoying a fabulous meal was the perfect way to rejuvenate for the afternoon of yacht viewing while getting to spend additional time checking out High Jinks.

Nafplio at night… a quiet evening stroll.

After spending ample time on sailing vessels, I started with the motor yachts. I decided to take the same approach, moving slowly yacht to yacht while getting to spend more time with the crews.

My 2nd lunch invitation was aboard the motor yacht Divine, a 2006 30-meter Posillipo. Served family style, the lunch was exceptional, fun, and completely delightful! We all had plenty of time to talk about the yacht, meet the crew and feel completely at home relaxing on the aft deck while sipping wine and enjoying the good life.

The fabulous crew of High Jinks! Captain Miltos, Chef Eugenia, and Deckhand Bozi… ready to make certain you have an incredible charter experience.

Lastly, there were the parties! A few to note… M/Y Ability hosted a fantastic Champagne Party and spoiled us rotten- M/Y Can’t Remember held a ‘Wine & Vinyl’ wine tasting- pairing wines with music- and there was the Istion White Party with an amazing band and plenty of dancing!


After the last of the events and everyone headed off in different directions, I am very happy with all I have experienced, learned, and for having met so many amazing people. I can truly say, I’m already looking forward to MEDYS 2020!

If you’re interested in chartering in Greece, I would love to chat with you about yacht options, itineraries, and the gorgeous country of Greece!