Greece Bound

In just two days, I head to Athens, Greece… via a bit of an interesting voyage. I certainly could have gone more direct, but where’s the fun in that! As I live in Briancon, France, the nearest airport is Torino, Italy. From there to Rome then Belgrade, Serbia and finally on to Athens. Not long…but interesting- and it gets me to Athens at the perfect time. Mandy is meeting me there after she crosses a good portion of the globe. We’re very excited!

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece

With so many inquiries for charters in Greece, it’s important for us to see as many yachts as possible; as well, it really helps meeting the yacht managers and crews! We’ve scheduled 4 days of meetings and viewing yachts in Athens. But certainly it won’t all be work! During this time, we’ll definitely be making a visit to the Acropolis and Parthenon. And, with any luck, getting in a little sail!

As well, we’ll be checking out restaurants- hotels- the ferry system- and then the Cyclades Islands. Mykonos is a definite stop on our adventure as it’s the perfect place to embark and/or disembark on a Greek charter! We’ve booked a beautiful spot at the Absolut Mykonos Suites…perfect to venture out and explore the island.

The Aegean Sea

From there, I’m on my own for another week of exploring the islands. Mandy is back to the States getting ready for our next round of travels. We’ll be meeting up at the beginning of November for yacht shows in the Caribbean- Tortola, BVI and St Thomas, USVI. So many places to visit!

So, where am I heading solo? Check back on upcoming blogs…

And start planning your next adventure!