July 15th, 2022: 28 months after the British Virgin Islands first announced it’s closed border, all COVID entry restrictions have ended. It marks a time when there is of course another hideous variant circulating around the world but now we have all grown to accept COVID-19 for what it is. For people who have the resources to book a private yacht charter it means they also have the choice to assess their overall risk level along with having a number of remedies available. This is not to say it’s fair when looking at medical and health equality at a global level. Thankfully, I specialize in private yacht vacations. I don’t work for the World Health Organization and therefore I cannot pretend I am an expert in that field.

Along with the British Virgin Islands, the USVI’S also dropped all entry requirements and of course Greece and Croatia dropped theirs months ago. I know we all sighed a little relief when the U.S. ended its testing requirement to return to the U.S. in June.

Today-July 16th, Belize also announced it was ending all of their entry requirements.

For anyone who has worked in the travel industry over the last few years, the end of COVID entry requirements means we can return to the reason why we entered this industry. Constantly checking specific country requirements and then stressing about whether the new requirements met with a charter client vaccination status meant we had to police and be the bearer of bad news. I specialize in vacations that are often described as “bucket list.” Becoming someone’s most stressful

Unless something drastic occurs (which is of course always possible) Where Land Meets Sea will not ask for a client’s vaccination status unless it is specifically relevant to the travel destination you choose. There are now plenty of charter locations open for everyone!

We are not in the business of policing public health but are happy to help address whatever your particular preference is.

Thank you to everyone who has been patient while the world sorted out this pandemic.